About Our Shipping Rates

Dream Soy charges "actual" shipping rates. This means when you go to View Cart, then enter your location information to calculate shipping, the results are real-time calculations provided by our shippers.

We realize a lot of larger companies offer free or flat-rate shipping. They are able to do this because they receive significant discounts from the shippers due to their high volume.

Other companies that may not be so large but still offer free or flat-rate shipping are either adding the cost of shipping into their product or are simply choosing to lose money on shipping in order to keep from losing potential orders.

To us, shipping is a third-party service that is necessary for us in order to be in business. Therefore we do not use it to make a profit nor do we allow it to be a downfall for our success as a business. We choose to sell online and therefore use a shipping service; our customers choose to purchase online and therefore use a shipping service.


Brenda & Greg