About Us

Dream Soy Candles was started early in 2008 by myself and my husband. When we met, Greg was already dabbling in soy candle making and I was a hobbyist web designer. One day he showed me how to make candles, and a mutual joy was born. And an idea, too, to combine our two talents and create a shared passion that became Dream Soy, and online soy candle business.

We are not a "brick and mortar" storefront presence located in only one place. We make our products from our home in beautiful Colorado and we sell them online and across the globe.

When we met, we also discovered a shared love for Colorado, so we moved to Colorado to begin our new life together. Two months after we moved here, we started Dream Soy.

There is a lot of joy and love in what we do and how we do it, and we feel this comes across in our products and our service.

Thank you for listening to our story,

Brenda and Greg
Chandlers of Soy