Our Fragrances

This is a complete list of all of our fragrances. We also have lists for just fall scents and holiday scents.

25:43 (Lush type): Strong citrus combination of lemongrass, lime and orange with sweet cotton candy & warm vanilla drying to a musk and tonka background. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

A Thousand Wishes (Lush type): A sparkling, white wine with whispers of wild jasmine and peony on a soothing base of amber, sandalwood and musk. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Acai Blossoms: A hint of citrus adds freshness while crushed blueberries are accented with green tones and balanced with acai berry. Soft woods and clear musk surround creamed strawberry.

Acqua Di Gio (Armani type): Both masculine and aquatic, this fragrance opens with a fresh ocean breeze, then becomes mingled with coastal sandalwood. Inspired by the Armani® cologne for men.

Almond Biscotti: A rich, delectable scent straight from the bakery.

Amber Romance (Victoria's Secret type): Amber and white musk dance throughout a sweet floral heart underscored by sultry sandalwood and vetiver. Inspired by Victoria's Secret type fragrance.

Amish Harvest: A rich, spicy blend of cinnamon and clove is balanced with butter cream and sweetened with rich vanilla.

Ancient Incense: Oriental fragrance with light hints of pear and apple, followed with exotic florals on to a background of patchouli and warm vanilla.

Apple Cinnamon: A rich combination of green apple, clove buds and red hot cinnamon creates a traditional, nostalgic scent.

Apple Ginger Crust: A delicious treat that lures in the senses as a blend of freshly chopped apples fall into a baked crust made with ginger and warm sugar.

Apple Jack & Peel: Fresh orange slices add juiciness to this spiced fruit blend. Autumn apple blends with warm clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Rich vanilla bean and musk add lingering tones of sweetness.

Apple Streusel: This luscious treat begins with crisp red apples and a rich spice blend of cinnamon, ginger and clove. Yummy brown sugar and buttery caramel balances with maple for richness, as sugared vanilla and a hint of musk finish the scent.

Arom "Spa" Therapy: Shimmering mint notes, refreshing ozone and wild green tones combine with a fruity floral heart and sweet musky undertones.

Asian Sandalwood: A rich, woody bouquet is sweetened with orange and laced with jasmine. Sheer woods and western cedar accent the base of sandalwood as lingering tones of vanilla bean and golden amber add sensual sweetness.

Asian Spice (Pier 1 type): A fusion of patchouli, peach, clove, sandalwood and geranium reminiscent of the Orient. Inspired by the Pier One® scent.

Autumn & Apple Orchard: Freshly picked apples straight from the orchard surrounds accords of cinnamon powder while a touch of vanilla adds warmth.

Autumn Night (White Barn type): A delicious blend of ground cinnamon stick, nutmeg and clove layered with apple, cedar and sandalwood for a woodsy effect. Inspired by the White Barn® scent.

Autumn Wreath (Yankee type): A spicy warm fragrance reminding you of an autumn afternoon with crisp fallen leaves, cinnamon apples and clove scented pine cones. Inspired by the Yankee Candle® scent.

Avobath (Lush type): Fresh avocado blends with lively lemongrass, rosewood, gardenia, bergamot and more for a splash of luxury. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Avocado Mint: Refreshing mint blends with herbal, floral and wood notes to create this soft, pleasing scent.

Baby Powder: The familiar, soothing essence of baby powder is created with notes of light rose, florals and cedar wood.

Bacon: The distinctive, irresistible scent of crispy bacon! Who doesn't love bacon?

Baja Cactus Blossom (BBW type): Refreshing blend of fresh flowers and light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood base. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Balsam Fir: A refreshing, outdoor woodsy blend with pine notes with light cedar and warm musk.

Bamboo & Orchid: An ocean breeze is highlighted with tropical botanicals with watery musk and wild driftwood.

Banana Nut Bread: A warm aroma of fresh baked bread of ripe banana blended with cinnamon spice, walnuts, sugar and vanilla.

Bartlett Pear: Luscious, freshly sliced pear with a very light hint of peach and green apple.

Basil, Sage, Mint: An exhilarating blend of cool mint, refreshing basil and earthy sage enhanced with a sparkle of citrus and underscored with white musk and woods.

Bathos (Lush type): Violet floral musk with hints of citrus. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Be Enchanted (BBW type): Fresh, crisp fruit of apple and peach highlight a dew rose and water lily heart as white cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and musk linger. Inspired by the Bath and Body Works fragrance.

Beach Wood: A woodsy scent expertly blended with salty oceanic notes.

Beautiful Day (BBW type): Fresh apple blends with dewy flower petals to create a clean, light Bath & Body Works type fragrance.

Bergamot: An uplifting, crisp citrus of imported bergamot fruit.

Birch & Black Pepper (Jo Malone type): An oriental, woody blend with cool spiciness. Inspired by the Jo Malone® scent.

Birthday Cake: Buttercream icing surrounds this delectable cake confection. A luscious vanilla cake is sweetened with maple sugar for a perfect birthday treat.

Bite Me: A blast of cherry effervescence! Fresh citrus notes sparkling with bubbly highlights lead to a luscious blend of cherry and berry in this playful scent.

Black Cedarwood & Juniper (Jo Malone type): A masculine blend starting with a very light citrus accord, followed by exotic florals and clove buds drying to an amber and clean woodsy base. Inspired by the Jo Malone scent.

Black Cherry: The irresistible scent of mouth watering, juicy black cherries.

Black Currant: A green berry with sweet floral hints of rose, jasmine and geraniums on a soft, powdery background.

Black Ginger & Bamboo:Fresh cut bamboo swirled with rich, exotic black ginger on a warm bed of woody notes.

Black Ice (Little Tree type): A masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot topnotes, wild lavender and subtle florals, followed by sandalwood and soothing musk. Inspired by the famous Little Tree Air Fresheners scent.

Black Raspberry Vanilla: Bright citrus top notes with lush black raspberry accented with crisp green tones and hints of wild rose and a base of clear musk intertwines with soft wood.

Black Tea: Clean, crisp orange notes are followed with subtle hints of jasmine, lavender and light rose on a base of musk and woody nuances.

Blackberry Cobbler: Fruity nuances of apple, peach and coconut combined with touches of sweet raspberries, ground cinnamon, sliced almonds and melted butter on a base of crisp vanilla crust.

Blackberry Sage: Fresh, herbaceous notes of sage, rosemary and mint entwine juicy ripe blackberries.

Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher (Jolly Rancher type): Sweet, sugary raspberry and tart blackberry highlight the mouth watering lemon, orange and sour green apple. Inspired by Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry candy.

Blue Spruce: Crisp greens and herbal notes become intertwined with the outdoor scent of forest pine, oak moss and cedar wood.

Blue Sugar (Aquolina type): Masculine, fresh citrus blends with rich patchouli, soft musk and sweet vanilla. Inspired by the Aquolina Type fragrance for Men.

Blueberry Cheesecake: A rich, decadent dessert scent hand-crafted with notes of lemon zest, blueberries, graham crackers and vanilla.

Blueberry Cobbler: A luscious, buttery bakery scent of wild blueberry and brown sugar. Sweet vanilla bean and warm, spiced cinnamon add even more flavor to this fruit dessert.

Bombshell (Victoria's Secret type): Bright citrus fragrance unfolds into a luscious fruity splash of crisp apples and red berries. A floral bouquet of wood rose, muguet and jasmine lend heart as sweet amber, woods and white musk add longevity. Inspired by Victoria's Secret Bombshell fragrance.

Bourbon Soaked Raisins: A dark, fruity fragrance infused into a spiced bourbon and rich vanilla base.

Brown Sugar & Fig (BBW type): Indulge in the luxurious fragrance created with vanilla orchid, brown sugar and Vermont maple surrounded by fig. Inspired byBath & Body Works type fragrance.

Bubble Gum: A mouthwatering, juicy bubble gum with notes of orange, spicy-banana, beech tree, winter green and sugary-sweet vanilla.

Butt Naked: A fruity floral blend that combines green apples, spicy pears, honeydew melon and strawberries with light accents of cherry with soft, floral and creamy vanilla undertones.

Cabernet Grape: Orange sweetens this fruity blend of grape and aged cognac. A hint of spiced wood finishes the blend.

Cairns Sunset: The lively, exotic essence of tamarind is perfectly balanced with delicious, fresh grated coconut and sweet, creamy vanilla.

Candy Fluff (Lush type): Indulge your sweet tooth with the scent of this luscious blend. A heavenly sweet and fruity blend with rich vanilla musk. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Cappuccino Espresso: A creamy espresso coffeehouse blend with whispers of dark chocolate, honey and maple on a background of rich, warm vanilla.

Caramel Macchiato: Creamy caramel notes are blended with coconut milk, coffee beans and cocoa powder on a base of sweet, frothy vanilla.

Caribbean Salsa: This tropical blend of citrus, mango and papaya is enhanced with fresh green notes and sweet musk for a lush, exotic scent reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Teakwood: This sensual blend of wood and spice is brightened with hints of citrus and clove. Soft floral balances with fresh ginger, warm cedar, and rich sandalwood, sweet musk and golden amber.

Cedar & Saffron: Cedar infused with patchouli, raspberries and sandalwood, topped with clove buds, hot cinnamon and crisp pine needles.

Chai: The familiar essence of creamy chai - a spicy, delightful tea drink. A unique blend of light citrus peel combined with clove buds, cinnamon sticks and sweet vanilla.

Chamomile: A botanical blend of chamomile, jasmine, rose and ylang with undertones of apricot and musk create this fruity floral.

Chardonnay: The rich scent of chardonnay is expertly created using fruit notes and touches of cognac and spice. Perfect for wine lovers.

Chocolate: Delight in rich and creamy milk chocolate with a light coating of cocoa powder. An indulgent scent that is simply irresistible.

Chocolate Amber (BBW type): Sensual amber infused with sweet berries, milk chocolate and soothing vanilla. A Bath and Body Works type scent.

Christmas Hearth: A classic holiday blend of evergreen trees, warm exotic spices and sweet vanilla.

Cinnaberries: Juicy orange, tangy fruit and warm, spiced berry with clove and cinnamon blend with sugared raspberry and hints of vanilla.

Cinnamon Buns: Fresh, warm and buttery cinnamon laced yeast rolls topped with an irresistible sugary icing.

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla (BBW type): A warm blend of spices and vanilla to delight your senses. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Cinnamon Stick: Fresh, ground cinnamon and warm cloves are enhanced with a very light hint of fresh orange.

Citronella: Bright and fresh fragrance that is most commonly used as a bug-repellent.

Citrus Odor Eliminator: A refreshing blend of lemon, orange and bright grapefruit combines with an odor eliminating agent to create a clean fragrance that is sparkling while is freshens the air.

Clean Air: Reminiscent of standing on a mountainside terrace breathing the fresh air. Fragrance notes are skillfully blended to capture the true essence of clean air.

Clean Cotton: A crisp linen top note leads to an innocent bouquet of fresh lavender, blooming jasmine, rose petal and white lily. Sunny warmth is created with sandalwood, musk and hints of vanilla.

Clove: Warm spice notes flourish in this rich, sophisticated rendition of clove oil. Clove oil is a traditional ingredient in fine perfumes and products.

Coconut Bliss: Rich and creamy coconut is blended with tropical banana and an indulgent butter and vanilla mix for this ultimate beach lotion scent. Paradise in a bottle!

Coconut Caramel: This luscious confection has rich, buttery notes combined with yummy maple sugar. Hints of spice add warmth while fresh, grated coconut and creamed vanilla balances it out.

Coconut Creme: Fresh grated coconut blended with creamed custard and hints of toasted pastry and smooth vanilla bean.

Coconut Lime Verbena: This scent is bursting with sparkling lime and juicy coconut notes blended with refreshing verbena.

Cool Citrus Basil: Lemon and lime with fresh herbs and white flowers create this botanical scent with a crisp aldehydic freshness. Aged oak and velvet moss are blended with soft musk to envelop the scent with sunny warmth.

Cool Water (Davidoff type): Fresh citrus and crisp ozone tones combine with juicy bergamot. Lavender, spice and cedar combine at the heart of the fragrance as fresh notes of balsam lift the senses. Orange flower adds a refined undertone while sweet amber, soft musk and precious wood carry the fragrance to a soft finish. Inspired by Davidoff® fragrance.

Coriander Lemongrass: Sweet and succulent lemongrass blends with freshly picked coriander for a fresh, herbal scent.

Cotton Amber: Light and airy cotton is enhanced with the richness of amber mingled with floral and woody notes. An earthy, exotic twist on the fresh familiarity of clean cotton.

Cotton Candy: A sweet blend of strawberries and raspberries and light cantaloupe with a cotton candy sweetness.

Cranberry Apple Marmalade: Tangy cranberry and juicy red apple sprinkled with just the right amount of sugared cinnamon spice.

Cranberry Chutney: A traditional delight that blends notes of peeled oranges and spiced berries into a bowl of cranberry chutney.

Crème Brûlée: Creamy, buttery milk-based custard flavored with vanilla beans with a hard scorched caramel topping.

Cucumber Melon: Clean, crisp cucumber and fresh cut melon. Like waking up on a cool summer dewy morning.

Cypress & Berries: Rich pine notes infused with sandalwood, musk, warm cedarwood and wild berries and hints of rose, jasmine and wild violets create this fresh, citrus holiday aroma.

Dear John (Lush type): A refreshing yet distinguished masculine scent. Lively citrus notes open this scent and are resting on a warm, earthy base. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Dirty (Lush type): A refreshing scent that opens with tingly mint, followed by a floral heart on a base of moss and wood. Inspired by the Lush scent.

Downy April Fresh (Downy type): Dryer fresh linens enhanced with the aroma of an early spring afternoon.

Dragon’s Blood: A deep, sultry, spicy floral-citrus fragrance with a mulled orange rind top-note, a floral heart of geranium, rose, lily, orange blossom and star anise, finishing with a heavy, powdery vanilla-musk, spicy clove and patchouli dry-down.

Driftwood: A woody, oceanic blend with vanilla, cedarwood, white musk and sandalwood on a background of calming patchouli.

Earthen Oak: An outdoor woodsy blend of soft florals combined with amber, cedar and sandalwood.

Egyptian Amber: Fresh greens, warm spice and earthy patchouli blend with a delicate floral of blooming lily create an exotic scent. Sandalwood and musk are sweetened with warm amber and hints of vanilla.

Endless Weekend (BBW type): Berry sorbet with light hints of summer flowers on a background of soothing sandalwood and warm musk. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Eucalyptus: A clean combination of cool menthol and eucalyptus leaves with a light spicy character.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint (BBW type): Refreshing spearmint mingles with herbal eucalyptus to create the essence of this enticing aroma. Inspired by Bath & Body Works type fragrance.

Fall Magic: A wonderful blend of orange slices, peaches and apples with crushed cloves, ground cinnamon and warm tonka and sweet vanilla.

Falling Leaves: Smoky wood is the essence of this rich, autumn fragrance. Guaicwood and cedar are accented with notes of apple, spices, berries and patchouli on a base of sweet musk.

Fierce (Abercrombie & Fitch type): Refreshing, masculine blend of petitgrain, cardamom and citrus, infused jasmine and rosemary with a base of musk, oakmoss and brazilian rosewood. Inspired by Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce cologne scent.

Fire Roasted Marshmallows: This sugared vanilla creation is blended with velvet woods and hints of spice for nostalgic appeal. Warm, sweet, musky amber adds luxurious texture.

Fireside (Slatkin type): A warm, comforting scent reminiscent of snuggling up by the fireplace. Inspired by the popular Slatkin fragrance.

Firewood: This cozy scent begins with a warm crackling woody note that leads to a dry down of smoky burnt cedarwood.

Floral Muse: A complex and alluring fusion of dewy flower petals, lush topiary, musk and wood notes. An enticing and unique floral bouquet with a colorful blend of roses, jasmine, violet and lily.

Flower Festival: The essence of a flower festival captivates the senses as bright bergamot sends a zesty ray of light over a floral garden filled with orange blossoms, sweet jasmine and orchid blooms.

Flowering Boxwood: Bergamot and lemon leaf add a crisp accent to this woody blend of cedar, sandalwood and oak. Spiced patchouli and fresh herbs create texture while a hint of burnished leather blends with musk for a rustic undertone.

Forever Red (BBW type): This upbeat, feminine scent opens with rich and refreshing fruit notes, followed by a heart of floral petals on a heavenly base of woods, marshmallows and caramelized vanilla. Inspired by the Bath & Body Works scent.

Frankincense & Myrrh: This sensual blend combines warm dry woods with patchouli and balsam. Myrrh and olibanum are added for exotic appeal while lingering tones of Arabian musk and sandalwood create softness.

Frasier Fir (Thymes type): Festive fragrance with a crisp forest aroma. Inspired by Thymes type fragrance.

French Vanilla: A hint of rich cream adds a velvety smoothness to this classic vanilla bean fragrance. Soft musk and hints of patchouli blend with amber for a touch of luxury.

Fresh Bamboo (Slatkin type): A medley of lush green bamboo balances with a hint of spice and shimmering tropical floral to create this fresh, summer scent. Inspired by Slatkin Fresh Bamboo fragrance.

Fresh Cut Grass: Smells just like a freshly mowed lawn! Clean and fresh notes create the perfect summertime nostalgia.

Fresh Outdoors: Fresh rainwater and a splash of citrus sparkles on top of ocean mist and shimmering greens. Generous musk and sheer woods blends with sea moss at the base of the scent.

Frozen Margarita: A classic poolside drink, having a pronounced citrus top-note of lime, orange peel, grapefruit and a twist of lemon, followed by a subtle orange blossom nuance, and a green mint leaf, and woody-spicy base-note.

Fruit Loops (Kellog's type): Sweet orange, tangy cherry and sweet vanilla bean with sandalwood create this nostalgic cereal scent. Inspired by the Kellog's Fruit Loops cereal.

Fruit Slices: A burst of orange and the sparkle of fresh fruity tones are added to green highlights to create this natural scent, with a blend of lush berries and creamy undertones of fruit pulp.

Garden Lilac: A sweet floral combination consisting of rose, lily of the valley, wild jasmine and sweet lilac flowers.

Gardenia: A beautiful scent that captures the essence of a gardenia flower in bloom. Sweet notes of neroli blossom, jasmine and magnolia billow into a cloud of white musk.

Genuine Leather: The familiar scent of fresh leather. Clean and nostalgic.

Georgia Peach: Fresh orange sweetens this recreation of juicy, ripe peach. Green accents elevate the natural fruit while lingering undertones of vanilla and musk add a velvety background.

Gin & Tonic: A fizzy aldehydic aroma infused with fresh herbs for a bubbly and refreshing fragrance.

Gingerbread: Ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with sugar and rich vanilla create this familiar holiday scent loved by many.

Golden Sands (Yankee type): Sweet orange flowers with warm sandalwood and crushed tonka beans. Inspired by Yankee Candle Golden Sands fragrance.

Green Apple Essence: Refreshing and bright, this is a true crisp and tart Granny Smith green apple at its best!

Green Clover & Aloe (BBW type): Light, crisp green notes reminiscent of spring flowers and wild herbs. A background of light woods and warm musk complete the blend. Inspired by the BBW scent.

Harvest Gathering (BBW type): A rich autumn blend with sparkling notes of cinnamon, apple, peach, wild berries and clove. Inspired by the Bath & Body Works scent.

Harvest Spice: Fresh citrus peel adds a juicy character to this spiced cider blend. A fruit blend of plum and pomegranate is warmed by rich accents of clove, ginger and cinnamon. Sweet musk and sugared vanilla add just the right amount of sweetness.

Havana (Archipelago type): Enjoy the spirit of Cuba with energetic grapefruit and citrus wrapped in sweet tobacco and sensual musks. Inspired by the Archipelago® scent.

Hawaiian Island: Tropical blend of sliced peaches, slivered coconut, orange, raspberries and pineapples combine with Hawaiian flowers on a base of sandalwood and vanilla musk.

Hayride: A hint of citrus elevates this brilliant botanical autumn scent. Leafy greens balance with tones of warm hay and forest fern at the heart of the fragrance, as a soft floral accord adds texture. Sun drenched woods finish the blend.

Hazelnut: Crushed hazelnuts with a light, spicy hint combine with warm sweet vanilla notes.

Hazelnut Coffee: A wonderful, inviting coffeehouse aroma expertly blended with a complimentary fusion of indulgent notes.

Hickory BBQ Smoke: Perfect for summer! The mouth watering scent of a smoky BBQ grill.

Holiday (Ralph Lauren type): A blend of rich and sparkling fruit notes combine with fir, cedar, juniper and pine to create a sophisticated holiday scent. Inspired by the Ralph Lauren fragrance.

Home for Christmas: Cinnamon and clove blend with holiday berries, icy peppermint and evergreen to create this complex holiday scent.

Honey I Washed the Kids (Lush type): Creamy honey with hints of citrus and floral on top of vanilla musk. A luxurious fragrance inspired by the Lush scent.

Honeydew Melon: Juicy tones of fresh fruit melon with green tones and spice accents on a base of sugared musk and vanilla.

Honeysuckle: Hints of citrus add a dewy quality to the lush floral heart of honeysuckle, as blooming jasmine and fresh lily of the valley enhance it. Soft green tones envelop the floralcy while precious woods add texture and balance.

Honolulu Sun (BBW type): Summer vacation in Hawaii. Fresh cut melon, island coconut and palm leaves combine to create the ultimate sun inspired summer scent. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Hot Apple Pie: Delectable notes burst from this hot, fresh out of the oven apple pie scent. All the goodness you would expect from an apple pie for your enjoyment.

Hot Chocolate: Warm cocoa blended with sweet vanilla creates a cozy and delicious beverage.

Irish Cream Coffee: Indulge yourself with this sensuous blend of French Roast and Irish Crème. Rich tones of roasted coffee bean are surrounded with accents of oak aged liquor. Smooth, sweet undertones of vanilla crème create a velvety background for this café blend.

Irish Spring (Irish Spring type): The familiar scent of Irish Spring soap opens with fresh bergamot and citrus, followed by floral and herbal notes on a woody base.

Island Fresh Gain (Gain type): Bright and fresh. This green, fruity floral is enhanced with amber and musk that unfolds into a lasting woody finish. Inspired by Gain laundry degergent scent.

Jamaica Me Crazy: A mélange of Island red fruits (papaya, apple, berries) blend with juicy citrus (grapefruit, orange) and bright leaf accords with base notes of creamy sweet coconut.

Japanese Cherry Blossom (BBW type): Blooming floral tones are brightened with hints of spice in this luxurious blend. Cherry blossom and freesia unfold to reveal a dramatic blend of lush woods, including sandalwood, oak and fruit wood. A background of clear musk and dark amber creates a lingering sensuality that carries the scent to a soft finish. Inspired by Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance.

Jasmine: A heady, fragrant jasmine type, opening with a dewy-ozonic top-note, followed by a rose petal, jasmine and white plumeria heart, and finishing with a green, twig-like base-note.

Juicy Watermelon: A juicy watermelon with the fresh aroma of pink grapefruit sparkles with sweet honeydew and lemongrass.

Jungle (Lush type): Woody fruity mix with hints of vanilla musk and amber. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Karma (Lush type): Earthy patchouli is blended with refreshing lemongrass, orange oil and pine to create a clean and lovely scent. Inspired by the Lush fragrance.

Kentucky Bourbon: An intoxicating blend of bourbon, rum and cognac notes unfold into a heart of geranium, palmarosa and rose accords. A dark, woody blend of cedar and vetiver create the base.

Key Lime Pie: Tangy lime is blended with sweet orange and fresh lemon. Green tones help fortify the citrus accord as it leads to a base of sweet baked meringue.

Kudzu: A fruity green floral consisting of wild strawberries and red grapes surrounded with soft florals of geranium and white rose on a warm musky background.

Laurel & Cranberry: Unique combination of fresh fruit and berry notes along with the outdoor aroma of crisp pine and warm woodsy forest.

Lavender: Pure lavender oil is enhanced with hints of wood and fresh cedar as crisp green nuances add natural appeal to this scent. A trace of eucalyptus brightens the top of the fragrance.

Lavender Sandalwood: Herbaceous, aromatic and sweet lavender highlight golden amber, forest moss and exotic woods of smooth sandalwood, cedar and earthy patchouli.

Lavender Vanilla: This soothing blend calms the senses with a rich, spiced floral accord. French lavender is warmed with spicy accents of nutmeg and ginger with a base of sweet vanilla bean.

Lavender Vetiver: Lavender fields in fresh bloom with nuances of warm musk and sweet sandalwood.

Leaves: Fruit notes combine with enchanting spices to capture the magical essence of autumn leaves.

Lemon Pound Cake: Decadent buttery pound cake laced with fresh grated lemon zest and drizzled with sugary icing. Just yummy!

Lemon Verbena: Bright citrus oils of lemon and orange enhance the refreshing scent of natural lemongrass.

Lemongrass: Ozonic, airy lemongrass combines with citrus oils and juicy fresh accords. A bright and fresh herbal delight.

Lime Basil Mandarin (Jo Malone type): An intricate blend of Italian mandarin accented with juicy lime and herbaceous earthy basil accords. Inspired by the Jo Malone scent.

Love Spell (Victoria's Secret type): This lush citrus blend is sweetened with hints of berry and surrounded with floral tones of lavender and green stems for freshness. A shimmering musk undertone adds sensuality. Inspired by Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance.

Macintosh Apple: A juicy, crisp fragrance of freshly cut macintosh apples straight from the orchard.

Mahogany Coconut (BBW type): A unique blend of rare mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oakmoss. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Mandarin Cranberry: A zesty scent that blends mandarins and golden oranges into a fruit medley of juicy cranberries and plums.

Mango Mojito: This fresh summer treat opens with cool mint, tangy lime and sweet orange, leading to a watery ozone highlight. Hints of pineapple accent the ripe mango accord at the heart of the fragrance, while smooth, sweet coconut is perfectly balanced with the tropical fruit. A smoky hint of bourbon creates intrigue, as sweet vanilla bean surrounds the tropical treat with sweetness.

Mango Papaya: An uplifting tropical blend of sun-kissed mango and juicy papaya.

Maple Pumpkin: This delightful pumpkin fragrance is bursting with maple notes. The combination of warm vanilla, cinnamon and clove makes this the perfect fall scent!

Mediterranean Cypress (Yankee type): This inviting evergreen scent surrounds itself with hints of olive and cypress on a base of soothing exotic woody notes. Inspired by the Yankee Candle scent.

Mediterranean Fig: A vibrant blend of sun ripened figs with whispers of green apples and light woody notes.

Merlins Forest: Enchanting forest greens and breathtaking pine needles greet the senses as woodland rose, baby violet and geranium unfold into a bed of moss, sweet warm woods and patchouli.

MidSummer's Night (Yankee type): An enchanting blend of aromatic herbs, masculine woods and lingering citrus. Inspired by the Yankee Candle® scent.

Mistletoe: A holiday pine scent with top notes of berries and sweet apples followed with crisp pine needles on a base of light clove and soothing woods.

Mocha Mint: This sensory delight is a perfect balance of creamed peppermint and crisp cookie wafers. Rich cocoa and hints of coffee bean blend with cookie dough with a lingering undertone of vanilla sugar.

Monkey Farts: A complex combination of fresh orange followed by fruity tones of banana and berry with an underlying sweetness of creamy vanilla musk.

Moonlight Path (BBW type): Bergamot and sweet violet unfold into a soft amber accented with ylang ylang and carnation. Sweet vanilla, white woods and musk offer a powdery finish. Inspired by Bath & Body Works type fragrance.

Movie Theater Popcorn: Freshly roasted, hot buttered popcorn just like you get at the movie theater. A rich scent with a touch of salt.

Mulberry: Classic mulberry enhanced with sweet oranges, wild cherries and crushed berries with a light, sweet vanilla nuance.

Mulled Cider: A fall blend of light green citrus followed with hints of apple slices and orange peel on a base of hot cinnamon and warm musk.

Nag Champa: Exotic and earthy fragrance that is a popular for it's nostalgic familiarity. Oriental blend of exotic flowers, spices, balsam and woods.

Native Princess: An enchanting, earthy fragrance expertly created with floral and woody notes. Rich tones of amber and musk are blended in to add depth to this luxurious, exotic scent.

Nutmeg & Spice (BBW type): A unique combination of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with a smooth background of caramel and vanilla. Inspired by the Bath & Body Works fragrance.

Oakmoss: This soothing fragrance is a delight that flourishes with earthy musk and notes of creekside stones and river moss. An alluring fragrance that evokes the feeling of going on a nature walk beside a lush and lively branch where oakmoss thrives on damp oak bark. Oakmoss extraction is an ingredient historically used to make classic perfumes.

Oatmeal Cookie: Oatmeal cookies freshly baked with the aroma of ground ginger, clove, cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: Soothing, warm oatmeal with a sugary note of fresh honey and light almond. A comforting, popular scent.

Ocean Mist: This shimmering aquatic blend opens with fresh citrus and crisp green tones. Soothing sea mist is recreated with a spicy floral accord and rich woods that lead to a base of sea salt and ocean moss. Finishing touches of musk and golden amber add softness.

Old World Christmas: This nostalgic scent opens with warm citrus notes that lead to a sweet blend of fruit and florals on a base of cinnamon and clove for the perfect holiday fragrance.

Orange Spice: A rich, spicy fusion of orange peel, clove and cinnamon on a base of sandalwood creates this hearty bouquet of potpourri spices.

Paradise Garden: Lush, tropical green tones create a fresh accent for this fruity floral blend. Blooming hibiscus intertwines with tropical fruit for the fragrance signature, as cool watery elements elevate the senses. A sparkling musk base creates lingering clean undertones.

Passion Fruit & Guava: A fruit and floral combination with green apples, orange and peach followed with a sweet summer floral bouquet of flowers and a background of warm resin and soothing muck.

Passionate Kisses (Victoria's Secret type): A sweet floral and fruity blend of sweet peas, hyacinths and violets with crisp citrus topnotes. The base consists of musk, sandalwood and tonka bean. Inspired by the Victoria's Secret® scent.

Patchouli: A shimmering, leafy green accord accenting the nostalgic blend of woods and spice. Warm patchouli is balanced with clove and vetiver for earthy appeal at the heart of the fragrance. Soft balsamic undertones mingle with clear musk to complete the peaceful sensation.

Patchouli Amber: Earthy blend of light citrus followed with warm clove and exotic florals on a delicate bed of silky musk and patchouli.

Peach Nectar: Fresh peach aroma blended with cream and light green notes. Juicy and rich peach fragrance.

Pear Spice: Just picked, juicy pear and leafy greens dusted with sugared cinnamon spices.

Peony: Hints of citrus accent this lush floral blend. A heart of peony is warmed with spicy dianthus and accented with fresh green foliage for an innocent bouquet. Rich base notes of orange flower and musk balance with vanilla for delicate sweetness.

Peppercorn Spice: A warm, exotic blend of peppercorn, cinnamon and spices with dark woody undertones.

Peppermint: This sparkling clean and refreshing fragrance is a classic blend of peppermint with light nuances of warm vanilla.

Pina Colada: A favorite tropical blend of ripe pineapple and coconut milk with a hint of Jamaican rum.

Pineapple: Fresh, sliced pineapple with a light, sweet syrupy note.

Pineapple Cilantro (Yankee type): Island ripe pineapple accented with juicy citrus oils, sweetened with coconut and a touch of herbed cilantro. Inspired by Yankee Candle Pineapple Cilantro scent.

Pink Chiffon (BBW type): Indulge in this fruity, floral blend with notes of warm vanilla, crisp sandalwood and soothing musk notes. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Pink Grapefruit: Tart and juicy citrus tones blend with ruby red grapefruit and bitter orange peel. Light musk adds a hint of sweetness.

Pink Sands (Yankee type): Bright citrus tones and juicy fruit accents surround this delicate bouquet of sweet florals and fresh greens. Underlying tones of sweet musk, coconut and spiced vanilla add a calming quality to the scent. Inspired by Yankee Candle Pink Sands fragrance.

Pink Sugar: This combination of sweet berries and fig leaves is blended with licorice and orange to create a playful scent. Woody undertones are sweetened with cotton candy and caramel as nostalgic powdery tones add a soft layer.

Pipe Tobacco: A unique blend of rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry and vanilla. A nostalgic favorite.

Pomegranate Noir: Wild berries, crisp apple and sweet oranges combine with spicy floral notes on a light background of tonka and soothing woods.

Pumpkin Apple Butter: Crisp apples are spiced with cinnamon, sugar and cloves. Light jasmine flowers combine with soothing vanilla to create this irresistible autumn delicacy.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (BBW type): A warm waffle topped with pumpkin maple syrup, highlighted with sweet butter and crushed pecans. Inspired by BBW type fragrance.

Pumpkin Soufflé: Warm, baked, creamy, buttery pumpkin with culinary spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove sprinkled with sugary sweetness.

Pumpkin Spice Latte (Starbucks type): A hot cup of black coffee flavored with creamy butter, clove buds and cinnamon sticks. Coconut and vanilla syrup sweeten this delicate blend. Inspired by the Starbucks® scent.

Pumpkin Wreath (Yankee type): Fall pumpkin enhanced with cinnamon bark, crushed cloves, ripe apples and green herbal notes on a background of warm sugary maple. A Yankee Candle type.

Rain & Angelica (Jo Malone type): This light, fresh scent opens with top notes of clean citrus followed by sweet florals of jasmine and violets and rests on a base of cedar, sandalwood, musk, tonka and light amber notes. Inspired by Jo Malone's Rain & Angelica, a scent in the London Rain collection.

Rain Water: This clean fragrance starts with fresh citrus and a bouquet of white florals. Rose, jasmine and violets make up the heart followed by sandalwood and white musk.

Rainforest Sugarcane (BBW type): Experience a Hawaiian rainforest with an intriguing mixture of dewy citrus, lush greens and musky nuances. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Raspberry Jam: The aroma of raspberry jam billows high as notes of glistening berries and red apples pour into a jar made of sweet grenadine and vanilla sugar.

Raw Sugar Mandarin: Raw cane sugar adds sweetness to rich mandarin orange. The aroma of vanilla and hay add depth to the fragrance.

Red Cedar: This warm cedar fragrance is the perfect woodsy scent! Warm cedar planks soaked in water with a rich sandalwood aroma.

Red Currant: A punchy top note of tart red currant blended with green and floral notes of rose, jasmine and geranium. An aromatic herbal scent.

Red Hot Cinnamon: Red hot cinnamon candies with a light clove and almond nuance.

Redwood & Cedar: Red apples, coconut milk and red raspberries are surrounded with cedar and redwood on a base of tonka, sheer wood and vanilla beans.

Roasted Pine Cone: Clean, crisp pine highlights this holiday scent along with a background of sandalwood, vanilla and slight hints of raspberry.

Rock Star (Lush type): A candy like combination of strawberry and orange. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Rose: A sensuous blend of rose and velvety sweetness. Rosebuds are surrounded by delicate green tones to captivate the senses. A cloud of vanilla surrounds the floralcy.

Rose Jam (Lush type): A soft floral blend of rose petals with a touch of vanilla. Inspired by Rose Jam by Lush.

Rosemary Mint: Fresh citrus and cooling eucalyptus open this herbaceous blend. A shimmering rosemary accord is warmed with cedar and hints of green as the rich warmth of patchouli adds earthy undertones to the nature inspired scent.

Sage: An herb mixture with relaxing properties consisting of cedarleaf, eucalyptus, cedarwood, fresh pine and earthy sage.

Salted Caramel (Yankee type): The rich, indulgent scent of salted caramel created with a combination of sweet coconut, caramelized sugar and silky caramel vanilla. Inspired by Yankee Candle type fragrance.

Sandalwood Rose: Earthy wood and lush rose petal notes are expertly blended with complimentary green tones on a base of soft musk. An enchanting scent that captivates the senses!

Sandalwood Vanilla: Autumn hay with sprinkles of African violets are followed with exotic sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

Sea Salt Blossom: Aquatic florals and sea moss mix with dewy green notes on a base of wood and musk to create an exemplary oceanic fragrance.

Sex on the Beach: A classic tropical mixed drink that blends fresh oranges and peaches with tart cranberries and sweetened with hints of vanilla.

Snickerdoodle: Warm snickerdoodle cookies fresh from the oven. Decadent vanilla surrounded with hints of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg along with a touch of sweet maple.

Snow Fairy (Lush type): A combination of light fruits and florals, peaches, bananas and citrus is followed with soft florals of jasmine and wild violets on a background of warm vanilla and exotic musk. Inspired by the Lush fragrance.

Southern Iced Tea: Refreshing tall glass of freshly brewed, sweetened iced tea on a hot summer afternoon.

Spa Retreat: A clean, calming, refreshing fragrance with fresh citrus top notes along with spring florals drying to a background of soothing sweet sugar cane.

Spiced Caramel: Rich, salty butter tones blend with brown sugar to create the ultimate caramel confection. Cinnamon adds warmth while maple cream and vanilla sugar add further richness.

Stonefruit: A summery blend of plum, apricot, peach and cherry notes combine to capture the essence of stonefruit.

Storm Watch (Yankee type): A cleansing ocean air before the storm. Inspired by the Yankee® scent.

Strawberries & Champagne (Victoria's Secret type): A fruity fragrance with wild strawberries and sparkling champagne on a base of soothing musk and sandalwood. Inspired by Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne fragrance.

Stress Relief: Exhilarating mint, citrus and bergamot mix with an herbal blend of spearmint, peppermint and soft floral notes of rose and jasmine. A woody base mixed with tonka and powdery notes softens the scent to create the ultimate relaxation fragrance.

Sugar Cookie Royale: Freshly baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanilla. An enticing and scrumptious scent.

Sugared Lemon (BBW type): Sliced lemons surrounded by hints of sweet sugar and a hint of tart berries. Inspired by the Bath & Body Works Sugared Lemon fragrance.

Sugared Maple: Pine and bergamot are expertly blended with a woody accord, followed with sugar and cinnamon sticks on a base of warm amber and resin.

Sugared Pralines: Rich buttercream and sweet syrup surround a warm nutty accord with a spiced blend of cinnamon and ginger and maple and brown sugar. Warm tones of pecan intertwine with the sweet spiced blend while a top note of rich buttery cream creates a luscious scent.

Summer Scoop (Yankee type): Nostalgic memories of your favorite treat on a summer day, complete with fruity nuances swirled in a creamy sweet texture. Inspired by the Yankee Candle® scent.

Sun & Sand (Yankee type): Fresh orange sweetens the heart of blooming jasmine and shimmering orange flower as warm woods surround the summer floral with warmth. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

Sun Kissed Plumeria: Floral notes combine with a luscious green aroma and are blended with a light musk to create this perfect plumeria fragrance.

Sun Shower: Clean and crisp. A refreshing scent with hints of apple, kiwi and African violets.

Supernova (Lush type): Sweet, effervescent grapes with light nuances of rose and geranium on a background of patchouli and warm musk. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper: A burst of fresh orange blends with citrus zest to engage the senses as this creation unfolds. Green vegetable tones at the fragrance heart are balanced with hints of fruit and herbs for the botanical signature. Shimmering musky undertones and hints of wood linger at the base of the scent.

Sweet Pea (BBW type): Bright combination of juicy berries and ripe pears followed with hints of spring florals and a dry down of soft musk and light woody notes. Inspired by Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea fragrance.

Sweet Strawberry (Yankee type): Ripened strawberry nuances with a fresh green balance open this fruity blend. Soft sheer musky base notes are balanced with a sugary accord to complete a sweet ripe fruity sensation. Inspired by Yankee Candle Sweet Strawberry fragrance.

Tarocco Orange: The scent of a tarocco orange fills the air, as tropical notes of zesty kumquats and ripe berries twirl over a sweet breeze of island vanilla.

Tea & Cakes: The aroma of warm, rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake is at the heart of this charming fragrance.

Texas Pecan Pie: Warm pecan pie just out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

The Comforter (Lush type): Fresh citrus tones of orange and bergamot. Soft floral tones combine with clove and cinnamon as leafy green accents add dramatic texture to the blend. An earthy element is created with patchouli, while fresh, minty penny-royal lifts the spicy tones. Sweet vanilla and soft musk are carefully balanced at the base of the scent. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

The Olive Branch (Lush type): A musky floral with citrus highlights of fresh lemon and sweet orange. Green herbaceous tones mingle with a fresh fantasy floral swirl while earthy accents add warmth. The base is a complex of rich musk sweetened with a hint of vanilla. Inspired by the Lush® scent.

Thyme: The familiar scent of thyme expertly created with citrus and herbal notes. Perfect spa scent or fresh and complimentary kitchen fragrance.

Tobacco & Bay Leaf: This inviting, masculine fragrance has refreshing citrus top notes followed by exotic florals drying to a delicate background of sandalwood, cedar and warm musk.

Tobacco Caramel: A hint of orange adds lift to the tobacco leaf accord that characterizes this fragrance. Warm tones of oak and patchouli create dimension for the blend as a base of sweet sugary caramel balances the earthy tones.

Tomato Leaf: An herbal, garden-fresh fragrance, with a dewy citrus grapefruit, bergamot and subtle fruity top-note, a tomato leaf, wild-herb and gentle floral middle-note, with a moist, musky-earthen, twig-like base-note.

Tropical Fruit: A fresh citrus accent adds sweetness to this tropical delight. Lush fruity tones of sliced pineapple and ripe guava are surrounded by a medley of exotic greens to create island appeal. Clear musk underscores the fruit blend, as touches of acai berry finish to tropical blend.

Tropical Lagoon: A luscious and juicy blend of sweet pineapple nectar, bright citrus and succulent, fresh peach is perfectly infused with exotic Yuzu flower and Tahitian vanilla to delight the senses.

Twilight Woods (BBW type): Sparkling citrus highlights this woody bouquet. Warm woody tones of cedar and oak balance with soft floral tones to create a fresh woodland sensation at the heart of the scent. Golden sweet amber and a hint of vanilla bean intertwine with clear musky tones at the base of the scent. Inspired by Bath & Body Works type fragrance.

Twisted Cinnamon: Light hints of clove give way to cinnamon sticks and ground ginger followed with exotic notes of cedar wood and patchouli.

Vanilla: Creamy, sweet vanilla with a hint of shredded coconut flakes.

Vanilla Bean Noel (BBW type): A holiday fragrance of sweet sugar cookies and warm vanilla. Inspired by the Bath & Body works scent.

Vanilla Buttercream Crunch: Sweet vanilla enhanced with melted butter and shredded coconut.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow (BBW type): Pure fall bliss! Delight in this autumn treat of creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and spicy notes of pumpkin pie. A Bath & Body Works type scent.

Vanilla Pumpkin Pie: Fresh orange and a hint of almond sweeten the creamy custard signature of this luscious scent. Spiced caramel blends with sweet vanilla musk to surround the scent with nostalgic undertones.

Very Vanilla: A very warm and rich, buttery vanilla fragrance with a slight touch of cream.

Volcano (Capri Blue type): Crisp watery accents add sparkle to an accord of tropical foliage that accents the fruity heart of this summer blend. Pineapple, goji berry and mango are perfectly blended for an exotic appeal, as a hint of driftwood adds lingering tones of sunny warmth to the island scent. Inspired by the Capri Blue® scent.

Warm Vanilla Sugar (BBW type): Vanilla and sandalwood are surrounded with whispers of soft floral nuances. Inspired by Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance.

Watermelon Lemonade (BBW type): Watermelon chunks are mixed with iced lemonade in this ultra refreshing scent. A Bath & Body Works type.

White Citrus (BBW type): Fresh and clean scent of sheer citrus accords. Heart notes of white lily, carnation and jasmin unfold into a wood and watery musky finish. Inspired by Bath & Body Works type fragrance.

White Linen: A pure and airy fragrance reminiscent of clean cotton blowing in the breeze.

White Sage & Citrus: Earthy sage and bright lemon-lime notes are expertly blended in this fragrance creation. A wonderful aromatherapy scent that is both invigorating and relaxing.

White Tea & Ginger: Light citrus notes are followed with hints of peonies, lavender and geranium on a base of sandalwood and musk.

White Tea Lemonade: This combination of white tea and lemonade is heavenly! Soft floral notes mix with watery tea leaves to enhance the lemon essence.

Wild Mountain Honey: Raw honey, orange blossom and exotic ylang blend with mountain florals and vanilla to create this smooth and sweet honey fragrance.

Winter Berry: The essence of winter berries glows bright as red currants, juniper berries and holly berries glisten over a frosted pile of iced vetiver and pine, with a cloud of white musk floating overhead.

Winter Wonderland: Winter Wonderland fragrance is a fruity blend enhanced by a spritz of orange, underlined by cinnamon and clove on a dry down of french vanilla and musk.

Witches Brew: Rich earth notes blend with dark amber and exotic guiacwood for a spellbinding fragrance that captivates the senses.

Woodland Foliage: Citrus accents lead to the nature inspired heart of this fragrance. Crisp pine needles, rich fir balsam, sweet berries, warm spices and patchouli are surrounded by vanilla musk for an outdoors sensation.

Woods & Earth: Whispers of earthy spices with light hints of sweet florals on a delicate background of oakmoss, sandalwood and vanilla.