Why Choose Us

Dream Soy Candles

We realize there are a lot of soy candle sites out there, and with soy candles becoming more and more popular, this number is increasing regularly. So why choose Dream Soy?


Because we put our hearts and souls into everything we do, there is a qualitative essence created that is ours and ours alone, simply because there are only two of us in the world (Dream Soy owners Greg & Brenda). With much trial and error, we have finally created a soy candle recipe that we feel results in a very beautiful, creamy candle that offers excellent scent throw, both hot and cold, and burn quality.


We are very thoughtful with every decision made, from our unique candle recipe to the presentation of our products to our presence on our website to how we package your orders. We thoughtfully present our finished products to best enable the user to reuse the containers. And we remain conscientious about our environment, creating not just a green product line but package and ship using recycled materials as well.

Customer Service

We bend over backwards for our customers, for they are the heart of our business. Without them, we wouldn’t be successful. It is our intent to offer outstanding and generous customer service for all who cross the Dream Soy path. We care about our customers and we make sure they know it.

Our Soy Wax

Not all soy waxes are the same. There are a lot of soy wax manufacturers out there and they utilize different quality control measures and procedures. We use only the finest, premium quality and industry regulated soy wax available on the market.

In addition, a lot of candle makers use custom blends of soy blended with palm, beeswax or paraffin waxes and still call them 100% soy. Many also add additives to their soy wax or wax blends to help them look prettier. At Dream Soy, our premium wax contributes to a beautiful candle, but we also love the natural inclinations and variations that our natural, wholesome wax creates. We also guarantee that our wax is 100% pure soybeans, and nothing more.

Our soy wax is:

• Made in the USA with domestically grown crops
• 100% vegetable, made with pure soybeans, (guaranteed by our manufacturer)
• All natural and biodegradable
• Manufactured meeting FDA standards
• Kosher Certified
• NOT tested on animals
• Free of palm wax
• Free of petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products
• Free of pesticides and herbicides
• Free of toxic materials
• Free of Genetically Modified Material
• Considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

Our Packaging

Dream Soy packages carefully and thoughtfully

Greg, co-owner of Dream Soy, is our premier packager and he takes great pride in in the care and quality he puts into each package that goes out, ensuring your package arrives safe and secure. Many of our customers have written back to say how much they enjoyed opening their packages.

Honesty & Integrity

We don’t need to hype up our company or our products by claiming to be “the best” available online or anywhere; or that ours are the “strongest”, “maximum” or “most saturated” scented candles. How can anyone claim to be #1 unless they’ve sampled every possible competitor? And even then it’s still their own biased opinions. Not to mention that with all candle waxes, there is a maximum amount of fragrance oil that can be used without compromising the quality of the candle (both appearance and burn qualities), and each wax is different. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of soy candle makers do use this maximum amount, including us. Candle smell strength is contingent upon other factors in the candle makers recipe, not just the amount of fragrance oil used.

So their words are just advertising hype, attempting to lure their visitors into making a purchase. Getting customers to buy is a reasonable goal, indeed. It’s what makes it a business, after all. But just like with many other things, there are ideal ways and less than ideal ways to go about it. Our method is to simply put our hearts into everything we do, from crafting our products to conveying our presence on our website to offering the best customer service we can, and let it all paint the big picture for us.